The banking industry is experiencing a wave of digital disruptions that are revolutionizing the entire field. Banking organizations have realized that outsourcing of Ajatus software development products is more cost-effective than developing internal solutions. That’s why our goal is to work with Ajatus Software Development to provide an effective solution for its end customers.

Today, financial institutions have increased their software requirements. This is why our engineers use a personal approach to product development. We know that in today’s fast-paced world, sometimes even a decent development company needs help. Project specifications are subject to change and we are one of the few product development companies with the flexibility and flexibility to meet your needs even in the middle of the current project.

What is special about AJATUS software?

The Ajatus software project is different; it is not enough to hire any software company. System requirements behind the service:

Sound, stable and secure architecture

High performance and low latency processing

Advanced optimization algorithm

Integration with financial institutions

These characteristics are directly related to the trust that our customers and services or product users need. Therefore, these are the professional process areas of Ajatus Software.




–  Smart contracts implementation

–  B-commerce apps

–  Cryptocurrency wallets

–  A collaborative network for crypto traders

Wealth management

–  Investment portfolio management platforms

–  Fundraising marketplace apps

–  P2P lending

–  AI-powered forecasting tools


–  Invoice management and processing

–  Hedge accounting

–  Payroll management

–  Reporting

Data and Analytics

–  Credibility rating/ scoring tools

–  AI-powered financial chatbots

–  Data mining, processing, distribution, and archiving

–  Big data modeling and aggregation


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